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Stanford, CA, United States
Stanford University

Stanford University

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1 Rejected without Interview
2 Interviewed
Wellesley, MA, United States

Babson College

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1 Admitted
Waltham, MA, United States

Bentley University

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Top 10 US States by Number of Universities

Rebecca Blounker

This statistic depicts the leading 10 US states based on total number of universities. At this point, California is the US state with the highest number, reporting nearly 800 active institutions in total.

University of Chicago

Population (ug)5,869 Average SAT Score1,506 Acceptance Rate8.4%
Located in Chicago, IL, University of Chicago is a highly selective university that admitted only 8.4% of the applicants, with an average SAT score of 1,506, last year.

California State University-Los Angeles

Population (ug)23,424 Average SAT Score874 Acceptance Rate68.1%
Located in Los Angeles, CA, California State University-Los Angeles is one of the largest universities by student population in the country. Currently, 23,424 undergraduate students are enrolled.